Supporting application delivery with a dynamic infrastructure is more important than ever. With BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) Virtual Edition (VE), you can take your Application Delivery Network virtual. Like the physical BIG-IP LTM appliance, BIG-IP LTM VE is a full proxy between users and application servers, providing a layer of abstraction that secures, optimizes and loads balances application traffic.

Flexibility and performance — You can deploy both virtual and physical BIG-IP LTM components to create a fully flexible and adaptable Application Delivery Network. This hybrid approach will enable your architecture to maintain high performance and scalability while meeting the changing needs of your virtualized environment.

Dynamic cloud infrastructure — For cloud providers and organizations implementing enterprise clouds, BIG-IP LTM VE provides maximum agility to scale and support applications quickly as resources are needed.

Rapid development support — BIG-IP LTM VE is ideally suited to lab and QA environments where network, security and application teams can quickly deploy virtual instances to test how applications and networks will respond in a production environment. You can also evaluate advanced server offload, security and acceleration functions without incurring the capital and management costs associated with a physical appliance.

Tight platform and product integration — BIG-IP LTM VE is part of F5's comprehensive application delivery architecture platform, so you can leverage the flexibility and control of the iRules scripting language and iControl API. BIG-IP LTM VE operates in tight integration with F5's broad product portfolio and supports solutions from other leading virtualization companies such as VMware.